Conservative Club

Club Leader: Ciara Neven

Redeemer Conservative Club is a political club committed to promoting the values of the Conservative
Party of Canada and Ontario PC Party on Redeemer’s campus and throughout Hamilton. We host events with
speakers such as MPs, party leaders, and other political commentators to discuss current topics and issues
in politics with students. You can find updates about events and volunteer opportunities on our Facebook
page (@Redeemer Conservative Club) or our Instagram (@redeemerconservatives).
As official representatives of the Ontario Young PC Association, we offer free Ontario PC party
memberships! Members of our club are granted opportunities to create useful connections within the
political community, chat with fellow politically inclined students, and voice opinions. As a club, we hold
that it is our responsibility to preserve and protect Ontario’s heritage and the good values of government
for future generations.

Club Leader Name: Chiara Neven


No events found. Please check back in the future.