Rooted Worship

Club Leader: Jana Arnold & Johnny Gordon

Rooted Worship (formally known as Church in the Box) is a club on campus that has been around since the early 1990s. It started as a small worship gathering that took place in The Black Box and grew quickly to a well-loved Worship night that took place in the Auditorium once a month. Before the Covid19 pandemic, it was a gathering for community members, student families, and local young adult and youth groups to come and join in worship with the Redeemer community and hear from a guest speaker. Since 2020, the worship service has become a space for just the Redeemer community to come together, worship, further their relationships with God, and be encouraged. Our club is made up of a few different teams. We have the Band, who prepare and lead our musical worship. We have the Care Team, who spends time in prayer in and outside of our service and is focused on making the service a welcoming and encouraging space. We have the CEW (‘Creative Expressive Worship’) team, which focuses on implementing creative elements for our services. Lastly, we have one or two Club Chairs, who oversee the team leaders and work on organizing the logistics for the ministry. If you’d be interested in finding out more about Rooted Worship, to join as an attendee or as a part of our team, check out our Instagram page or email our Chair.
Instagram: redeemerrooted

Club Leader: Jana Arnold & Johnny GordonĀ 



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