Club Leader: Sam Zomer, Maaike Wonder, and Erica Bosman

History: The APS professor wanted to create a sense of community within the department and actually take part in things. They thought it was important for the group to be student led. In April/May of 2017, SOAPS was created with the purpose of making connections for students by students.

Mission Statement: SOAPS seeks to provide educational, personal, and professional development opportunities through cultivating a community among APS students as well as the greater community of Hamilton and beyond.

Value Statement: We aim to promote a community of trust, challenge, support, inclusivity, and collaboration among APS students through a variety of events and meetings.

Vision Statement: We seek to see the formation of a community where APS students can offer their gifts to one another, share ideas and resources, provide challenge and support, and to ultimately form a community of unique individuals who contribute to the growth of the collective group.


Club Leader: Sam Zomer


Club Leader: Maaike Wonder


Club Leader: Erica Bosman


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