Redeemer's Investment Club

Club Leader: Trevor Koch

We are Redeemer Student Managed Investment Fund (Redeemer SMIF).

This is our Mission Statement:

The Redeemer SMIF aims to properly manage an investment portfolio by demonstrating patience, discipline and a Christ-like behaviour while creating intelligent, ethical investors that give back to our local community.

We get together once a week.

Our purpose is listed below:

The Redeemer Student Managed Investment Fund seeks to learn how to become better investors through various opportunities. We are reading “The Intelligent Investor,” by Benjamin Graham, to form a base for our investment practices and participating in a valuation course to expand this knowledge. We will also be inviting guest speakers to teach us about their experiences in the investment world. As a group, we also seek to promote the well-being of our community through donating a portion of our returns to local charity as well as fund a scholarship. All other returns will be reinvested. We aim to create a sustainable, responsible group that will be maintained by students for many years to come.


Club Leader Contact:

Trevor Koch:

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