Anno Domini

Club Leaders: Dominique Thornback

Anno Domini is Redeemer’s Yearbook Club. We are responsible for designing and creating the yearbooks that showcase Redeemer students, faculty/staff, athletics, and various activities each year! The Yearbook Club strives to portray Redeemer in a way that reflects God first, and also the wonderful community that is built year after year.

Yearbook staff are responsible for designing pages, contacting various people to obtain photos that are taken by the Media team or other students, and largely working independently. If you are interested in applying for a position email or in August or September of the coming school year—or simply contact me any time you have a question!

Club Leader: Dominique Thornback





Quest Release Party

April 5, 2023   7:00pm - 11:00pm

Come join us in the Rec Centre as we celebrate the release of Quest with performances from this semesters contributors!