A Letter from the Editor in Chief

Meet the new editor in chief

Hey there! My name is Natalie, and I am the Editor in Chief of Redeemer’s publication The Crown this year. I thought I should do a small introduction to start off the school year, you might know me as the curly haired girl who often occupies the benches in the hallway. It’s a good place to write I’ve found. I’m a fourth-year English student, cheers to almost being done, right? I am incredibly excited to be running the newspaper this year, I didn’t think we would see this year on campus, when school shut down in March. And yet, here we are. This is my fourth year living on campus, as crazy as that sounds. I have worked with Residence life for the past three of those four years, and that has been a huge gift in itself. This year is different, aside from COVID and the changes that it brings. I am working in a new role as a RLF, after working two years as an RA. It feels weird to be in fourth year, and even weirder to have this as my fourth year. I’ve struggled to allow myself to be settled this year, I feel as if I am always on edge, ready to pack up and move back home in an instant’s notice. I am beginning to change the patterns of my every day to allow myself to be more settled, because there’s no real timeline for how things will go this year and I need to act like I am here for the next # of months. This year may look different, but as I have been reminded time and time again, the God we all serve is still the same. This year may look different and be hard at times – but we all need to do our part if we are going to stay on campus.