Christmas Coffeehouse

The Holidays Came Early at Redeemer

By: Helana Mulder, senior reporter

Bells were ringing and children were singing at Coffeehouse this past Thursday. It was an evening filled with joy, cheer, food, and funall that Christmas has to offer.

The Coffeehouse theme for this month was centered on Christmas and the holiday season, which provided a nice break amidst the current busy season that many students are experiencing.

The Student Senate Activities Coordinator Katrina Palmer, with the help of her faithful volunteers, organized the event to perfection, providing students with enough snacks and coffee to enjoy to their heart’s content. They even splurged on flavoured coffee cream to make the night even more memorable.

Coffeehouse is a great chance for students to take a break from studying and doing homework. Robin Chan, one of the volunteers for the Activities Council, says that “Coffeehouse provides a very relaxing and entertaining environment to enjoy other students’ talents.” Chan joined the Activities Council because he wanted to help plan activities that all students can enjoy. “It brings us all together,” Chan says.

With a total of six acts performing, the big turnout of night showed a lot of support for the people who built up the courage to go on stage. Palmer says “everyone is so supportive and encouraging. If someone seemed nervous in the beginning, there was always a person in the crowd that would cheer and hype them up to get the crowd excited.”

This was the first Christmas-themed Coffeehouse and Palmer says that she hopes to make it an annual theme, because “Christmas is such a fun and joyful time to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company.”

The Activities Club has also noticed that the Coffeehouses are reaching a larger crowd this year. Having a variety of people coming to these student events is a great way to build community and get to know people around Redeemer.

If you missed this Coffeehouse, don’t fretCoffeehouse comes around once a month, meaning there will be more opportunities to gather and take a break from studying.