Faith and Photography

Doing Everything for the Glory of God

Here at Redeemer it’s not uncommon to hear about bringing faith into every area of our lives, including the workplace. But what does this look like for photographers? Even as a hobby, the topic of faith and photography is one worth discussing. 

Photography has the potential to always lead us back to God, praising him for the beauty and joy he created that we are able to capture. Photography can even be an act of worship. 

Rita Zietsma has been doing photography since 2011 with her business called Rita Zietsma Photography. She has found herself most drawn to portrait photography which is her main focus. 

“I know it’s not all about looks,” Zietsma said, “I know who we are comes from deep within. But we do live in a culture where looks are important, and imagery is everywhere, and we share images of ourselves everywhere. I think that if we’re always beating up on ourselves it’s hard for us to go forward then and to love others.” 

Loving others is a key part of what God calls us to do here on earth. We are all created in God’s image, and this is something that we can be reminded of through photography. 

Photographers are often accused of encouraging vanity since they are taking photos for others to show themselves off. However, for Zietsma, this is not what photography is focused on but rather giving others confidence to go forward and love others. 

“It’s not vanity, it’s not ‘I am amazing,’ it’s, ‘I am amazing because God created me,’” Zietsma said. “I do think that if we can look at ourselves objectively, and somebody can do that for us in a beautiful photo, I think that you then go forth in so much confidence that you can then move forward and love other people.” 

I have personally been interested in photography for a few years, in the recent years switching from nature to couples and lifestyle photography. For me, photography can be a chance to capture beautiful and authentic moments that God blesses us with. Time moves so quickly, and we often forget so many moments, but having a specific memory captured to look back on can be so special.


Photography is a growing industry with an 8.2% rise globally in the past year alone. In 2021 the photography services market was $38.93 billion which rose to $42.14 billion in 2022. With an increase of this size in the photography industry, it’s worthwhile to consider how faith might be incorporated into this field. 

Zietsma said, “We’re all placed here for a reason. We all have a story to tell. We all have a purpose. Our time here is finite and short. I think it’s great to leave a legacy, and we can do all of the above through photography.” 

Photography can have such an impact on people to showcase the beauty of this world, whether through landscape, family, nature, portrait, wedding, anniversary, and many more kinds of photography. As a photographer myself, I believe God created everything with purpose and intentionality, and with photography we are able to appreciate his creation. 

For Zietsma, photography is a way in which she can express her personal style and vision. 

“It’s my method of creating art,” Zietsma said. Our God is extremely creative, and being able to think creatively to make something new can be an act of worship and can connect us to the heart of Jesus. 

1 Corinthians 10:31 says, “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” Photographers who follow Jesus should aim to keep their eyes fixed on him, grounding themselves in the truths found in Scripture. Photography can be an act of worship, glorifying God by capturing his beautiful creation all around us.