Fallin’ for Fall

Exploring Hamilton’s beautiful Fall scenery

Although we have been in the season of Fall for almost a month now, the trees are just beginning to show a change in colour. And while the temperature is dropping, students shouldn’t be afraid to throw on a few layers and go for a hike! Hamilton is home to many beautiful hiking locations and even a couple of waterfalls.

I asked a couple of students to share their experiences with hiking around Hamilton in order to encourage more students to go for a hike.

Peter Frielink, in his first year here at Redeemer, was quick to share about his favourite places to go hiking: “Fall is one of my favourite times of the year and Hamilton is a beautiful area to live in. The trails in the Tiffany Conservation Area are especially beautiful, and they also lead to one of the best waterfalls in town, Sherman Falls.” Only a few minutes away from campus, the trails at the Tiffany Conservation Area are popular hiking choices for many students and citizens of Hamilton. Peter also went on to mention how beautiful the city can look from the Escarpment. “In the fall, the trees come alive, bursting with colour which makes it even more wonderful.”

I had the privilege of talking to Joseph Nanda, a fellow student here at Redeemer, about his love for hiking. He has actually started up a Hiking Club here in the hopes that more students will come out to enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

Joseph recommended a couple more places for those interested in hiking: “Great places to hike are Christie Lake and Dundas Valley Conservation Area, which each have lots of trails, including the Hermitage trail, which has some ruins.” 

Hiking Club presents the perfect opportunity for students to explore Fall in Hamilton. “Hiking Club’s next hike will be on Sunday, November 3rd at 2:15. We will meet at the athletic center doors next to the academic building. We will be hiking at Rattlesnake Point. If you are interested, you fill out a Google form saying you’re interested in going on the hike and then we carpool there with hikers who have vehicles. It’s free, and there is no commitment. Any trail fees or parking fees are paid by the club, as well as gas. Our first hike was fun and we had a bunch of people from all years and all skill levels come out.”

If you would like to know more about Hiking Club, feel free to contact Joseph and he will be happy to help you out!

Be sure to make an effort to enjoy the fall weather before the leaves disappear. Winter is right around the corner. Grab some friends and hop on over to Tiffany Conservation, Dundas Valley, or any other trail and take the time to admire God’s beautiful creation!