Fantastic Four Solve Kidnapping Mystery

A Wired Night of Live Clue

By: Theresa Kornelsen

On Saturday night the girls of Dorm 35 raced to discover who had kidnapped the Wire Lady in a live game of Clue. After getting their last clue from Mrs. White, they sprinted back to the commons to claim victory in the form of a $100 dining gift card.

The night was full of drama as students, lured by said gift card prizes, came in teams and competed to discover who had kidnapped the Wire Lady. As well as a $100 dining card for the winning team, there was a chance of winning a $50 Amazon card for the best costume. Students who successfully completed the game but did not come in first would enter their individual names in a draw for door prizes.

The Deadly Dominoes won best costume for their matching domino costumes. Sarah Bittel, Aaryn Vloo, and Natalie Lantz won the three door prizes, followed by the announcement of the winners: team Fantastic Four, the residents of Dorm 35.

The Fantastic Four were first to discover, with the aid of a candlestick, that the Wire Lady had been kidnapped by Mr. Green in the billiard room.

Each of the twelve teams were given a sheet of paper with rules on one side and a clue card on the back. To get clues, the teams had to complete tasks given to them by characters. To win they needed to correctly guess the suspect, room, and weapon. As soon as the game was on, all teams dashed away to begin their sleuthing.

“Answer these riddles for me and I will give you three, I say, three clues,” said Professor Plum as she sat in classroom 210. Each team had to exercise their brains to figure out the riddles. Before two minutes had passed, team Too Many Detectives had already completed the first two riddles. The third riddle caught them. It challenged them to think of a way to measure exactly four cups of sugar with only a five and a three cup measure.

While Too Many Detectives puzzled over the riddles, the Fantastic Four met Miss Peacock in the commuters’ lounge. Miss Peacock was in need of entertainment and instructed the Fantastic Four to perform a dance that displayed coordination, a trendy move, and a stunt.

The Fantastic Four leapt into the challenge. After a few minutes on their own, they performed a dance that was truly a work of art, finishing with cartwheels and a dramatic dab. Miss Peacock was amazed. “Very good! That my favourite so far,” she said.

Soon after the Fantastic Four finished their stunning dance, team Waffles found themselves in Professor Plum’s classroom.

Like Too Many Detectives, the Waffles got stumped by the sugar riddle and switched it for a new riddle after five minutes. The Waffles had a lot of fun. So much fun that Professor Plum grew suspicious and asked, “I’m hearing snickering. Is there any cheating happening?” The Waffles were quick to reassure her that they weren’t cheating. Professor Plum looked at them sternly for a moment longer, then returned to her paper.

The Creative Team Name had a messy task ahead with Miss Scarlet. They had to play Pictionary on a board that was covered in chocolate. The team was good at guessing, even with hard words like “smoke” and “sunbathing.” The team remained intent on their task, just managing to guess the last word before their time was up.

Next up for the Creative Team Name was a visit to Colonel Mustard in the auditorium. Here they had to complete two training drills before their time was up.

As Colonel Mustard began a ten second countdown, they were still seeking their last card. With one second left it looked like they would fail the challenge. But right as the timer went off, one team member grabbed the card and held it high in victory.

As the end of the night neared, several teams gathered outside of classroom 243 to wait for their turn at the Whites’ game table. The Fantastic Four were next in line for a turn at the table and only needed one more clue. Just a few short minutes after entering, they burst out and ran full tilt to the commons to announce that they had solved the mystery and to claim their prize.