From Boxed to Rooted

The Reason Behind CITB’s Name Change

By: Anna Bailey, senior reporter

Photo: Unsplash

“When’s the next Church in TheI mean, Rooted Worship Night?”

I’ve caught myself saying this several times recently, and I bet I’m not alone. Now that the name change has finally happened, it will still be a while before students get into the habit of saying “Rooted Worship Night” instead of Church in the Box. I reached out to Dylan Knibbe and Amy Steiginga, this year’s co-chairs of Church in the Box, for more information about the name change. The following information comes from a document about the name change, which they kindly shared with me.

Dylan and Amy were thinking about this name change even as they were applying to be co-chairs. As most students know, Church in the Box started out in the black box. While this name reflects its history, it causes many levels of confusion for newcomers as it is no longer held in a “box.” The process of changing the name included feedback and prayer from students, faculty, the chaplaincy, marketing department, pastors, and alumni.

The name “Rooted Worship Night” was suggested in January. Using the word “Night” instead of “Church” highlights that, while frequently occurring, the event is not a substitute for being part of a church.

The document states that “the theme of ‘roots’ and being ‘rooted’ is consistently woven throughout Scripture, with different meanings and ideas associated with that.” Some of the themes identified are being rooted in faith, growing like a tree, Christ as the true vine, and flourishing like healthy trees through being rooted in God. It also highlights the idea of community being “rooted together to a common mission in this ministry.”

The new name holds more clarity and significance than “Church in the Box.” It will hopefully cause less confusion for people who have never heard the backstory, and encourage more people to join Redeemer students in worship.