Get Groovin’

5 Relatable Tunes to Help You Get Through 5 Common Redeemer Experiences

By: Hannah Sloots, a 4th-year student

1. When Community Life is Sweet: Me and My Friends, James Vincent McMorrow

     Community life can be sweet, especially when you live with great friends. To be honest, I don’t entirely understand this song, but I would say the chorus describes how it feels to come home to your friends sitting in that yellow-walled dorm living room with a bag of two-bite brownies from the market.

2. When You Can’t Stop Thinking About That Thrifty Special Someone: Brown Eyed-Lover, Allen Stone

    Allen Stone sings about how he’s found someone who has a “wardrobe bought at the thrift shop” (Hello, Talize!?) and “don’t care about [his] paychecks” (the #student life, am I right?). Is this a Redeemer love story, or what?!

3. When Community Life is Taxing: Everything to Everyone, Bahamas

   This tune is for all of the people-pleasers, the extroverted-introverts out there. It’s for the times when you’re feeling burnt out & a little tired of the whole community living thing (it’s okay to spend Friday night alone).

4. When the Leaves Are Falling & the Papers Are Calling: Hydro Poles, Gareth Inkster

   In my opinion, Autumn is the perfect season to plunge deep into the sea of mellow tunes. Add this tune (from a Redeemer alumni, I might add) to your playlist and enjoy with your papers and pumpkin-spiced things.

5. When You Need to Dance It Out: Dancin’ With Tears in My Eyes, Carole King

  This is a good reminder to go out & have fun even when a big midterm or 10-page paper is bringing tears to your eyes. If you can’t go out and take a break, at least take a 5-minute dance party.