Redeemer's Women's Ministry

By: Helana Mulder, reporter

Photograph: Mikayla Blackburn

       While most Thursday nights at Redeemer involve a friendly game of soccer, one Thursday a month becomes a night of worship, prayer, and relationship-building for women on campus.

     Identify started in 2013 as a safe place for women to gather, previously led by Redeemer alumni, Shayna Bruinsma (now Tompke), and currently led by Natalie Lantz. Lantz, who is an English major in her second year, took on the ministry at the end of last year and has been working hard to put together some amazing worship nights for this year. The team also includes Alexis Coleby, Adrianna Gardiner, Brooklyn Penelton, Helana Mulder, Mayita Kikab, Nicole Haverkamp, and Victoria Waithira.

      In addition to an evening of worship, Identify focuses on building stronger relationships with our Heavenly Father and our fellow sisters in Christ. Several guest speakers come to this event and share their stories and teachings about the importance of having these relationships.

     The theme for this year is centered on the heart of Christ. Identify’s mission is to seek a better understanding of this amazing heart of Jesus, and our place in it. This ministry also allows for a nice break from the stresses of school so that we can refocus and recharge.

    Identify is a way for women at Redeemer to get to know each other while also deepening their love for God. Rachel McMillan, a second-year student at Redeemer, says that “Identify is a place where women can grow spiritually in community.”

     The first meeting for the 2018-19 school year will be this Thursday, September 20 at 9:45 p.m. in the Rec Centre; all women are invited to come out. A few of the team leaders will be sharing testimonies on how they have felt or seen their place in the heart of Jesus and there will be time for prayer and worship as well. The space will be one of comfort and welcoming, with blankets, tea, coffee, cookies, and other treats to kick off the year.