Investing in the Youth

An Introduction to Sam Kim: Redeemer’s New Chaplain

“The [young people] are the hope of the next generation, the hope of the Church,” says Samuel Kim, Redeemer University’s new chaplain. “So in the middle of my career I went back to school to study family culture, to become a youth specialist. That is a burden that God has put into my heart.” 


Although this is Kim’s first position at a university, he worked previously as both a youth pastor and a senior pastor. While serving in the “box of church” as he called it, Kim says God was calling him to work with and minister to the youth of the Church. As he begins his first chaplaincy here at Redeemer, he views working on campus as a blessing and an opportunity to focus on his passion for young adults, saying, “I want to go where the young people are.” 


The presence of the new chaplain brings with it many hopes for the coming years. When describing his hopes for the students at Redeemer, Kim says, “I want [students] to be captured by the Holy Spirit and realize what He is doing in their lives today, so that they will be empowered to do what they are called to do: to make disciples of Jesus Christ.” 


According to Kim, youth are the leaders of tomorrow “wherever they go.” That includes ministering in future workplaces, churches, and families. In all these circumstances, the mission of Christ is to be a witness to the gospel, but that will only happen if the next generation has a firm foundation in Christ. His role as university chaplain is to minister to students as they grow in faith. 


Redeemer’s population of students is set apart from those at other universities by their faith. However, as Kim explains, “I have realized that many of them are struggling in different ways, and I just want to make myself available, to help them and comfort them and guide them and mentor them.” 


The chaplaincy has been an opportunity to offer mentorship and spiritual aid to students, but also to engage in conversation and be a listening ear. “It is a very important part of younger generations. They need someone to speak to, to let out their anxieties and worries.” His heart goes out to those who feel lost on campus or are struggling with their spiritual health, saying, “I do not want them to walk away from Redeemer without knowing Jesus Christ.” 


Kim is excited to coordinate school-wide spiritual health as well as individual mentorship. Already he has begun a new ministry by introducing community groups on campus. He describes this as a place where students can come and “do life together, come together, study the word of the Lord together and share their life together.”


Sam ended with an invitation for all students to visit his office, saying, “I want students to know that they are the reason I am here… I am here for them.” Those who want to stop by, chat about life, school, prayer or anything at all, he is here to listen. “I am available, I want them to know. And there are candies in my room.”