Meet the Construction Guys

One student’s observations of the men and women hard at work on our campus.

With the construction of the new building happening on campus, there are a bunch of new people on campus, working hard to make life better for next year. You all know them by their sounds – rough laughter, blaring country music and the endless hammer sounds. Meet the construction guys! (Well, not actually…I was too shy to talk to them in person, so I made up their stories from a distance. Hope that’s ok with you all.)


Name: Mike

Favourite Song: Body Like a Backroad – I must have heard them play it at least once a day!

Favourite Activity: He appears to love jackhammering a lot. 

What makes Mike special: If you hear someone talking from the site, you know it’s gonna be Mike. He’s always chattering away with the other guys, and his voice carries. It made for some interesting and informative walks to class for me!


Name: Aaron

Favourite Food: A large Tim’s coffee and a farmer’s wrap. 

Something I observed: He tends to walk stealthily around the construction site. My best guess is he is building a secret tunnel in the building, so if any of you find yourself bored in class next year in that part of the building, maybe you can go tunnel hunting.


Name: Jackson 

Favourite part of being a construction worker

He loves to stand and chat and relax when the bosses aren’t around.

What made him want to go into this field: I watched him drive a lot of heavy machinery around, and like to imagine that his dad used to let him sit on his lap and drive machinery around their yard. That probably fueled his desire to go into this field. 


*These characters were built around observations only. While I was too nervous to talk to the construction guys in person, I certainly encourage you to thank them for the work they are doing!*