Mind-Bending Mentalist

Ryan Edward Leaves Redeemer Students Speechless

By Helana Mulder, senior reporter

“It was mind-blowing. That’s all I can say. I have no other words,” says third-year student, Jeremy Thudian.

Redeemer alumnus and Las Vegas based mentalist, Ryan Edwards, performed a show on Monday, April 1 in the Rec Centre. The show was a fundraiser for World Renew and was put on by Redeemer’s Student Senate. Over fifty students came out to see the show and support the charity.

The show started off with Edwards placing one metal spike into one of five bags and having first-year student Michelle Wright mix up the bags so no one knew where the spike was. Then, one by one, audience members told Edwards which bag to slam his hand down on, praying that the show wouldn’t be cut short by a trip to the hospital.

When it came down to the last two bags, everyone was on the edge of their seats, wondering if the audience members had made the right decision. He slammed his hand down on the bag and the crowd was in awethere was no spike in the bag. The audience had chosen correctly.

“The whole thing was nerve-wracking. If he had messed up, it would almost have been on my shoulders. Everyone kept asking me where the spike was and I honestly had no idea. I was amazed,” Wright commented after the show.

Edward’s other tricks blew the audience away. He consistently had correct predictions and left the audience wondering how he did it.

The last trick of the night was arguably the best. First-year Jessica Don was asked to bring her phone up to Edwards who opened up the calculator app. He then called on audience members to yell out random numbers and Don picked a function to apply to these numbers. After about eight numbers, the final number equalled out to be 401,191,059.

At first, the crowd did not know how this number applied to anything else from the evening. Edwards wrote it out on a piece of paper so the whole crowd could see it. He then amazed the audience.

“It’s April 1st (4/01), in 2019 (19) and if you look at your phones, the time is 10:59 (1059). Everyone immediately pulled out their phones and saw that Edwards was correct. It was 10:59 pm. Everyone went wild.

“I had been pretty skeptical at first but that last trick really blew me away! It was amazing,” commented second-year student, Dan Wolfert.

It was a night to remember as many students could be heard talking about the performance in the days following the show.