Mud and Mayhem

Launch Olympics 2018

By: Anna Bailey, reporter

Photograph: Ben Bronsema

     Saturday, September 8 was grey and windy, a perfect morning for sleeping in. But by 10 a.m., Redeemer parking lots featured air horns, cheers, and a few students dressed as bananas. First years and launch leaders added blankets and onesies to their team costumes and rallied their spirits for round two of the Launch Olympics.

     Weather, homework, and athletic meetings kept some students away. The blue and purple teams were missing most of their team members: however, they rallied as “team blurple” and managed to beat student senate in tug of war in the mud pit.

     Launch activities included water games, blindfolded sponge-throwing, and tug of war in the mud pit. First year Aidan Plato said that Launch “brings everyone together, and shows you what it means to be a Royal.”

     During breaks, teams cheered for their rivals, ate snacks in the rec center, and danced in the volleyball court. Emma Hill, a launch leader for the yellow team and one of three students wearing a banana costume, said her favorite part of being a launch leader is that “you get to be hyped all the time!” The worst part? “I’m losing my voice!”

     Launch finished up in the mud pit, as usual. According to first year Kenton Slaa, the mud pit is both the best and worst part of Launch. Despite the cold, some students stayed sitting in the mud long after the winner had been announced. The yellow team, who was in the lead on Friday the 14th by only four points, won the Olympics. Students headed home to warm up and wash off the mud.