Quest Contributor Spotlight: Gwyneth Covey

Quest is Redeemer’s Creative Arts Magazine, and we’re passionate about fostering a creative community on campus. This spotlight will showcase students who have contributed to the magazine, providing them a platform to express themselves, give a deeper look into their art, and inspire you to tap into your own creativity! 


3rd year music major Gwyneth Covey is a singer-songwriter, musician, and aspiring actress. She has written and recorded original material and performed in front of audiences at open mics, gigs, and productions. You can find one of Gwyneth’s original songs in our Winter 2023 issue, “No Eye Has Seen.” 


Nathan from the Quest team sat down with Gwyneth for this brief interview.


How would you describe yourself as an artist?


I like to call myself a versatile storyteller. There’s something about the way acting, song writing, and singing capture the human experience and expose truth in a unique way. It’s the philosophical and narrative aspects that draw me in. 


What does Quest mean to you? Why did you submit to it?


I loved the idea of gathering a community of artists. I am finding myself more and more passionate about elevating excellent Christian art. I think it’s incredibly necessary now and I love that Quest works towards that goal. I also enjoy being around like-minded people; it makes you feel less crazy and alone! 


Could you tell us more about your song “Prodigal”, which you submitted and performed last semester?


“Prodigal” is a moment of musical realization for me. When I wrote it I felt like I was discovering that I could use my skill as a writer to help others. It captured this experience that my friends and I were going through. It was this immensely cathartic piece for that reason. It was also the first time I wrote something overtly about my faith that I felt truly proud of. It marks a new stage for me as a writer, I think. 


Do you plan to submit to Quest this year? Any ideas or inspiration so far?


I do. I want to stick closer to the theme this year. When I write a song it’s typically about an idea I’ve been ruminating on for a while, sort of picking up pieces from life and adding them to an unformed blob until I actually feel like I can sit down to write. Recently, I have been thinking a lot about what it means that I live in the time period I do. I like to think about the book of Esther where it says, “Maybe you are here for such a time as this.” I often question what my life would have been like if I had lived in another time. So that’s kind of the question I want to look into for this piece. 


What’s one message you want to share with Redeemer’s creative community? 


Stressing about fitting an expectation or into a box is just going to make you hate your own art. Your unique perspective is given to you for a reason. Don’t assume that just because you are doing something weird it’s not going to work. God is in control, and He made you this way on purpose.