Remember Refresh?

Tips, tricks and stories about Redeemer’s favourite food venu


With the end of the pandemic nowhere in sight, food, as always, is one of the bright spots. There’s more time to cook delicious meals and enjoy them with your dorms, friends or family. But for those of you who are missing Redeemer’s food, specifically Refresh, here is the article for you.

Having been to Refresh only twice so far, I asked some people who have had a lot of experience with the Refresh menu for their favourite foods as well as tips and tricks to make the food even better.

Blessing Oluluto was kind enough to share her experience at Refresh.

  1. How often do you go to Refresh?

 I go at least once a week.

  1. Do you have any funny little anecdotes about food you’ve gotten at Refresh that didn’t turn out how you expected?

It matters who is serving you the food. There was one time I went to grab a meal and I got what I thought to be a responsible size. The next day I went expecting the same portion to be dished out for me and lo and behold, I got three grains of rice. I asked “would you please add a little more rice please?” and the server replied “no.” I chuckled nervously, and walked away with three grains of rice that cost 7 dollars. Of course it was not literally three grains, but it felt like it at the time. 

  1. Do you have any hacks to make Refresh’s food even better?

How do you make the food better? Here are what I like to call my “refresh doctrine for total enjoyment.” Mix the vegetarian with the regular food, unless you actually have dietary restrictions and you can’t do that. Make friends with the servers, look them in the eye, learn their name, you may get more grains of rice than if you didn’t. Avoid the boiled tomatoes. Ask for extra greens. After your meal wash it all down with a chilled glass of water, or hot cup of peppermint tea for better digestion.

  1. Do you have a favourite food to get at Refresh?

My favourite meal is the butter chicken and rice dish. Although it tastes nothing like traditional butter chicken, it is still a yummy adaptation of it. I always ask for half of the vegetarian dish alongside [it is an assortment of steamed vegetables] . Stir the two together and viola, you have food for your stomach.

Matt Turner also has stories to tell.

“I write this as I eat. Today’s special was chicken quesadillas with Mexican rice, a personal favourite at restaurants if I’m honest. The aroma was quite enticing and made my mouth water a little. That all changed when I took the first bite of rice…as soon as it hit my tongue I realized there was more texture than flavor. Every ounce of saliva that had been shed from the near smell was instantly absorbed by the bitter, dry rice. The only hope left for this dish was the actual quesadilla. My hopes were not high. In comparison to the much-to-be-desired rice, the first bite was like a dinner at the keg. That being said the mediocrity of the tortilla wrapped schmorgous board came to light. All in all it was disappointing but if you’ve got some money left on your card it will fill you up until dinner. Overall, 6/10.”

After talking to other people, I’ve noticed that butter chicken seems to be a popular favourite at Refresh, although I’ve also heard great things about the chicken pesto sandwich. So, for you Redeemerites who are desperately missing the quality food that Refresh has to offer, go make yourself some butter chicken in remembrance of the good ol days, when all it took was a quick walk to the cafeteria and your onecard to get you your favourite Redeemer food.