Snow Day in September

The Adventures of Redeemer Students and Faculty 

This past Wednesday, Redeemer Students gathered together for Chapel, where Pastor Matt Pamplin gave a message on “The Apologetics of Encounter”.  Unfortunately, during the delivery of Pastor Matt’s message, a certain squirrel bit the power cord, cutting off Redeemer’s power source. As a result, the remainder of the afternoon was treated as a “Snow Day” and all classes were cancelled.

With their newfound freedom, students and staff enjoyed their time away from classes. Charity Walt, a first year student in the Bachelor of Education program, was quick to grab her friends and take advantage of the beautiful weather! When asked about her afternoon, Walt says, “Definitely made the most of our snow day. Got the email, left the library, and immediately went on an adventure. Dundas Peak is far greater than afternoon lectures.”

Similarly, Redeemer’s business professor Laurie Busuttil appreciated the warm, sunny weather of the snow day, explaining, “I went home and worked out on the patio looking at the lake. It was anything but snowy!”  Her colleague, Dr. Lindsey Short, also enjoyed the time away from the class and spent her extra time exploring the indoor maze of Ikea!

Initially, the snow day incited some confusion for on-campus students, who didn’t know if the communal meal would still be held. Since the kitchen had no access to power, communal was cancelled and all dorms under the meal plan were provided with pizza! Many decided to eat their pizza dinners outside, spending time in fellowship with one another. Second year Redeemer student, Lucy Brinkman and her dormmates, ate their dinner by a  sunset view: “We just went and picked up the pizza from campus services and grabbed blankets from our dorm and a Bluetooth speaker. Dana made us walk all the way to the hill where the Redeemer sign stands and we had a picnic with the sun setting behind us and music playing. It was all-around good vibes.”

Those vibes were experienced for both teachers and students as they spent their afternoons away from the classroom. Who would have guessed Redeemer would have a snow day in September?