Staying Rooted

A Look at Redeemer’s On-campus Ministries

Rooted Worship kicked off the school year with a message on staying firmly rooted in God’s Word. To build on this message of prayer and reflection, why not consider joining one of these on-campus ministries?


“HotSpot provides the opportunity for individuals to worship Jesus, connect with those on campus, and hear a short message from a faculty member, staff, or student,” says Jeremiah MacAdam. He says that the SASC committee’s goal is for people to feel refreshed and encouraged after a HotSpot evening. The final HotSpot for the semester is this Thursday, October 3rd. If you can’t make it to HotSpot, consider coming out for a faculty testimony or Burn worship night later this month! “We hope to see you there!” says MacAdam.


Identify is a ministry “for women on campus, run by women on campus” says Mayita, who co-leads the ministry with Natalie Lantz. Identify is held in Redeemer’s Rec. Center and includes worship, a message to reflect on, and…snacks! “It’s really laid back,” says Mayita. The evening might have a relaxed atmosphere, but the group is founded with a powerful purpose: “[We founded Identify] with the sole purpose of showing the Father’s heart for women – and to find value in Jesus rather than in the things of the world”. Identify will be held the last week of October and hopes to meet once a month from there.

Common Ground

Common Ground seeks to grow closer to Christ “through building community between guys of all ages, and having some fun while doing it!” says Aaron Lantz. The ministry is held monthly in Redeemer’s Rec. Center and is led by Aaron Lantz and Isaac Watson. “It is really unlike anything else at Redeemer. Common Ground thrives off of the spontaneity that guys do so well, while still being meaningful and true to who we (as guys) are called to be in Christ. I can for sure say that it has changed the course of my time here at Redeemer for the better, and I continue to look forward to what this year holds!” says Lantz. Common Ground is deciding on themes and direction for the year, so make sure to get involved early and share your input with the group!

Augustine Hall Fellowship

The Augustine Hall Fellowship Bible Study is an opportunity for upper-year students to come together for worship, Bible study, community, and small-group discussion. Rachel McMillan developed the idea, then teamed up with Emma Hill to lead worship. McMillan believes that upper-year students need these opportunities to stay connected and meet, even monthly, to really get into God’s Word. The next meeting will be in the Shire of Aug. Hall where the group will continue their study of Louie Giglio’s “Take the Plunge” series.