Student Senate

A Look at Redeemer's Student Body Government

What is the Senate?


The Student Senate is an elected group of students that works to address student needs, organizes student events, provides students with unique services and opportunities, and represents the student body to the Redeemer administration. For every class you attend at Redeemer, $15 goes to the Student Senate. These funds are used to run events like Coffee House, finance services like the Rec Center, and support clubs like the Theatre Club. 


Student Senate meets once a week to inform, discuss, and vote on various items happening around Redeemer. All of the minutes for Senate meetings are recorded and publicly shared on our website: If you are ever curious what Student Senate talks about, feel free to give them a read!


Who are the Senators?


The Student Senate is composed of ten positions, three of which are First-Year Assistants.


The Student Senate President is the one leading the team, chairing the meetings, and everything in between. The president also reports directly to Redeemer’s Board of Governors, the group that has the final say over every academic, business, and financial decision made by the university. This year’s president is Alison Nirula.


The VP of Student Affairs is responsible for hearing and managing student concerns. The VPSA chairs the Student Affairs Committee, a diverse team of students compiled to discuss and resolve problems. If you have a Redeemer-related problem you would like addressed, the VPSA is the first person to talk to. The VPSA is also in charge of the Assistant to the VPSA. This year’s VPSA is Melissa Goossen, and her assistant is Simon Mischuk.


The VP of Communications is the office administrator for the Student Senate. This senator is responsible for making sure students are aware of events happening and resources available. This senator also takes minutes for all Senate meetings, organizes Senate information, manages the elections, and ensures a new Senate can pick up where the previous Senate left off. The VPComm is also in charge of the Assistant to the VP of Communications. This year’s VPComm is Nathan Visser, and his assistant is David Carter.


The VP of Finance manages all Senate finances. All clubs propose a budget to the VPFin, who takes it to the Senate to be approved, modified, or declined. Events like Coffee House, Redeemer’s Got Talent, and the spring banquet are funded entirely by the Senate. The VPFin is also in charge of the Assistant to the VP of Finance. This year’s VPFin is Emma VanHoffen, and her assistant is Adelia Cacolio.


The Activities Coordinator sets up the fun events like Coffee House, Redeemer’s Got Talent, and the spring Banquet. This senator chairs the Activities Committee, a group of students that generate ideas and help organize events. This year’s AC is Luke VanRooyen.


The Spiritual Events Coordinator (formerly known as SASC) is responsible for organizing worship-oriented events such as Hot Spot and Faculty Testimony Night. The SEC also chairs the Spiritual Events Committee, and works closely with Redeemer’s chaplain services to promote spiritual health and well-being on campus. This year’s SEC is Joseph Nanda.


The Clubs Coordinator oversees and assists all clubs at Redeemer. This senator meets with club leaders on a regular basis to ensure they are following club guidelines and to help with advertising, logistics, and club policies. This year’s Clubs Coordinator is Marshall Chapman.


What is a Club?


Clubs are groups with diverse opportunities for involvement or activities for students. Approved clubs can get funding from the Senate and other benefits to run their activities and events. There are 27 clubs operating at Redeemer this year, including veterans like Rooted Worship and brand new clubs like Theater Club and Rock Climbing Club. Clubs can be started by anyone! If you have an idea for a club you would like to see at Redeemer, talk to the Clubs Coordinator.

If you want to know more about this year’s senators and how to contact them, as well as much more information on Student Senate, check out our website at 


How do I join Student Senate?


Every February, Student Senate elections will be held to determine next year’s team of senators. All the positions listed above can be applied for (within certain requirements) and applicants will launch their own election campaigns. All students can then vote for next year’s team of senators. If any of the above descriptions interest you, consider applying when elections open!


Now that you know a bit more about us, feel free to stop by in the office to say hi!