The Dwelling Place

An Interview with Chloe Savich

By: Anna Bailey, senior reporter

What is “The Dwelling Place?”

The Dwelling Place is a space for people to intentionally sow and grow in relationship with God. During Monday’s activity periods in room 243, people are welcome to read the Word, do devotions, pray, journal, or do homework.

What should people expect when they walk in?

When you walk in, you’ll hear instrumental worship music, see prayer request cards sitting at the front of the room, and Bible verses on the chalkboard. There’s also a Common Book of Prayer that people are welcome to peruse if they’d like more direction during their time, or are interested in exploring different types of prayer.

Tell me why you’re starting The Dwelling Place.

The Dwelling Place was born out of meditating on God’s love and realizing how much I—and all of usneed him. We need his grace, his mercy, his discipline, his loving-kindness, his pruning, and everything he is. I was thinking about praying and seeking his face and I felt encouraged to pursue a place where other students and staff could dwell with him in what may be the most mundane time and space: a school day. It’s a small room, but everyone is invited to the table; it’s an inclusive place for anyone and everyone seeking to meet with and be transformed by God.

There are many worship opportunities on campus; what makes The Dwelling Place unique?

We have other places and opportunities for students to get to know the Lord on campus, but the goal here to see time with him become more accessible to those who want a quiet space during their busy day and are ready and willing to seek him in the midst of life’s other demands.

Tell me more about the purpose for The Dwelling Place. What do you hope it will do for people?

The desire is to see people move from feeling like they need to fit God into their schedule, to seeking God and witnessing His active involvement in everything that they doshaping their lives around Him, first and foremost. It’s less about making room for God, and more about shaping our schedules around Him, and surrendering our everything to him. It takes courage to make the leap, to show up, and to spend time with God when there are so many other activities and opportunities vying for our attention; and yes, this is a very small, humble beginning. But I’m really looking forward to what God will do. It’s all in His hands.