What Your Mask Says About You

You’ve heard it said, “don’t judge a book by its cover’ but have you ever tried judging a person by their mask? As it turns out, it’s pretty easy. And fun. So here is my take on what your mask says about you. 

If you’re rocking an old navy mask, I hate to break it to you but you’re a bit basic. You are most likely a psych major, and you pair this mask with your crisp Nike air force ones, a ripped pair of mom jeans and any graphic tee. Unless you’re a guy wearing one of these masks in which case your mom probably bought you a pack before you left for school, and you’re wearing it along with the socks she got you last Christmas. No hate towards my old navy friends, these masks are comfy, keep up the great work. 

Next up- the classic Redeemer mask that each of us were given at the start of the year. If you’re still wearing this one, you probably wear glasses and have realized that this is one of few masks that won’t fog them up from your breathing. You also probably haven’t washed it yet, and this is me telling you: you need to. 

If you’re wearing a disposable mask, you likely hate the earth. You probably also use plastic straws and throw your recycling in the garbage. If you’ve been wearing the same disposable mask since September, this is your official reminder to please get a new one, it’s time. 

If you’re going the bandana/buff route I don’t know how else to say this… you’re weird. Or you’re a non conformist. Either way, respect to you and your comfy ears. 

Now a personal favourite of mine- the homemade mask. If you made it yourself, you probably complete the look with a pair of thrifted overalls and a pottery mug. If your mom/Oma made it for you, you’re probably wearing it for the picture to send to her to show that you’ve been putting it to good use, and then switching it out for the much comfier old navy one you keep in your jacket pocket.  

Are you pulling up with a brand name mask? Nike, Adidas or Herschel maybe? If so, you’re a bit boujee. You see the mask as just another way to flex on your peers, and there’s nothing that makes you happier than getting a compliment on your face covering and replying with a smug smile and saying “thanks, it’s (insert your favourite brand here)”. 

Finally, if you’re repping your favourite sports team on your mask you’re either a varsity athlete or a big fan. You wear this mask and hide your tears that the OCAA just officially cancelled their games next year. You were inspired by the NBA’s success during covid and are thinking about starting a petition for an OCAA bubble just so you can feel something again. 

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what kind of mask you’re wearing, as long as you’ve got one on. Let’s keep showing up and covering up so that we can keep this in person class going all the way until December. Happy masking!