By Rebecca Versluis

There comes a moment when one must realize
That no matter how wild, grand and unrealistic
Your dreams may be, there is magic to be found.
And I don’t mean magical spells spouting out of a wand,
Or glittery fairy dust lingering within the foothills of our souls, necessarily.
I just mean there are certain quintessential moments
that make you question your entire existence.

Like how one second the sun rises on its tippy toes, reaching for the clouds
And the next its beams disappear with the cotton candy sky.
How four am conversations are full of oversharing and energetic proposition
And, on the other hand, those communications of nine am are half-hearted

And of eye-bagged, mumbled sentences
Shouldn’t have gone to bed so late last night, but.
Shouldn’t have been thinking about him all evening long, but.
Shouldn’t have zoned out daydreaming about salty shores and rainbow moons, but.

It’s all just a blur, a fog, a rhythm of promise;

Night owl problems.
Isn’t it strange how the stars litter the dark sky
And half the world rests on silk pillows

And the other half works and plays and runs; the world never really sleeps.

But yet, I just want to escape into dreamland;
Listening to vibey music,
Feeling the wind in my hair,
Wearing a loose sundress that rustles in the breeze.
Of the west coast shore, of the east escarpment.
I’m standing with those I love most, under the milky twilight.
Fireworks are present above us, and the whole world watches on a pedestal.
The blinding lights illuminate our laughing voices
The highway is calling; a series of late night drives lie ahead.
This must be the life – aesthetically pleasing sunsets,

Sparkling sheets of snow,
Clusters of friends, not a care in the world.
Should’ve told my sister how much she means to me, but.
Should’ve held it together when the world came tumbling down, but.
Should’ve been okay with being alone, but.
It’s all just peachy; the sun keeps shining, my feelings keep fizzling.

But yet, I just want to escape into dreamland;

I’ll stay obsessed with that one conversation I can’t get out of my head

I’ll sit at a cafe, sipping coffee for ages.
I’ll be engulfed in the pages of the Chosen One’s story.
Hoping someone will, at last, appreciate my freckles and my round face;

My fluffy brown hair that used to be straight.
Sometimes it seems hopeless to believe in fantasies
But who can help imagining walking the streets of NYC,
Chasing pavements as if featured in one of those cheesy rom coms
Always searching for the finer things, the righteous ones.
Crescent moons, crashing waves, shooting stars.
Isn’t it strange how we are all made of molecules
But yet no strand of hair, no face shape is the same.
Isn’t it strange how fast time moves
But yet eternity exists in the wake of heaven.
Isn’t it strange how the person you think about in the dead of night

Could be thinking about you, too.
Miles may separate us,
Friends may ruin sleep schedules,
Caffeine may give you headaches,
But we are more similar than different.
We love and live and breathe, with poise.
We chase after thrills, only to fall flat on our face.
We get back up and dust off our muddy shoulders,
Fixing our eyes on the fireworks that are our wildest dreams.
I promise you, there is more than what meets the eye.
Revel in the knowledge that if you want something bad enough,

you will do anything to make it happen.
But yet, we still want to escape into dreamland.

Flipping through the pages, finding yet another country to add to the bucket list.

Yearning for that one person to see how amazing you are.

Navigating our way through the rhythm of life, wanting to be anywhere but in the mundane.

Imagining what it would be like to be a superhero,
To be able to save the lost souls of the world.
Imagining what it would be like to fall in love,
To be able to share secrets and hold hands in the park.
I should read works of ancient philosophers
I should go to bed earlier tonight
I should stop obsessing over each word I say.
Reality is troubling, enchantment is peaceful;
I just want to escape into dreamland.