Mini-Interview: Maria Gonzalez

What kind of creative work do you do?

I do a lot of visual art, especially digital work and watercolors, as well as songwriting.

What or who inspires you?

I think that a lot of my inspiration comes from knowing that God has given each of us different talents and gifts, and that He has done that for a reason. I believe that in the Christian world, there is still a lot of room for Art-making, and as an artist, it inspires me to address questions surrounding a Christian perspective, the desire for truth, and how to engage with Culture.

Do you have a creative routine or practice?

I think I have developed a certain way of creating over the years. I usually get a “big idea” first, I can imagine the final product, and then go into the process of finding the resources to get there. That usually starts with researching and looking at other artists, getting references, then sketching, figuring out medium and layout, and finally tackling the piece.

What is one of your favorite things that you’ve made?

One of my favorite pieces I did was in the Oil Painting class. It was a painting of “The Bayahibe Rose” which is the Dominican national flower. I like this piece because it helped me understand better color theory and mixing with small brush strokes. It was also the first time one of my works made it to the walls of Redeemer, haha.