By: Tapiwa Mudavanhu

Tags: No Eye Has Seen Winter 2023


I’ve had a revelation. 

You and I are not as different as I thought. 

Both bought by blood shed by my Father’s son Yet you let your eyes deceive you. 

A ranking system based on pigment 

It’s a figment of your imagination. 

Do you not know that he will gather men of many nations? 

We’ll be Draped in white robes 

From head to toe 

There will be no foes in his presence. 

One love from 3 essence 

His blessings fall down 

Forgiving all transgressions. 

I don’t see color, I’m color blind. 

What I do see, is souls in bodies 

embodying the body that is Christ. 

We’re established distinctively 

To serve a common plot. 

For What is blood with no heart? 

What is a heart with no blood? 

What is black without white? 

I believe, 

Contrast allows us to interact 

Not counteract 

Matter fact 

I’ll enlighten you. 

Symbiotic is the word I’m looking for. 



Not They/Them 

Often Tend To 

Ridicule others 

Conceived in wombs of different mothers 

But we belong to the same Father. 

So…we’re step brothers?


You and I are actual brothers 

There’s no step in his kingdom 

Only children, we are kindred. 

My sisters and brothers 

We look alike but we don’t treat each other right. An ongoing divine battle with sin 

But humans would rather fight from within. POWER, GREED and CONQUEST 

Is the objective 

But all efforts are ineffective. 

Victory is The lords through Jesus Christ A message for the Corinthians. 

Therefore there is no accomplishment When one puts themselves on a pedestal Feeling high and mighty 

You must be on adderall. 

You can identify me by my complexion, But my complexion is not my identity For There’s more to me 

You see 

I do poetry; 

She’s gifted musically; 

His hands work magic on black and white keys; She’s passionate about trees; 

He is secretly Davinci 


Get to know me first. 

Then you’ll see that Taps 

Is fearfully and wonderfully made. 

And so are you. 

Psalm 139 just to prove my worth 

To the same product. 

Man, I am You. 

Love All. Hate None.