When You’re Done With Me

By: Gwyneth Covey

Tags: vanity of vanities winter 2024


Am I what haunted you from the stage
Drafting life out of the page
One more actress
Making love out of practice
The fear of Dorian Grey
Will I give you something to write about
Finally figured yourself out
Your muse? So close
A figment, a ghost
Living breathing doubt
So when you’re done with me
Paint me beautifully
Stretched out and elegant
Make me something worth remembering
Use all the colours of your hands
And the deepest darkest reds
Capture what was left
When you’re done, are you done with me yet
I’m so done with being the artist
Always forced to break the silence
A lover, unloved
Burdened from above
Did Dante feel like this
If you’re going to treat me like a threat
I will be the femme fatale
If you going to burden me with death
I’m the reaper coming to call
If I am the saviour paint me in the whitest colours