Run for Student Senate

Available Positions


Chief Executive and chairperson of the Redeemer Student Senate. The President oversees all Senate-run activities and provides leadership and direction for the Senate in all of it’s undertakings.

Vice-President of Student Affairs:

While providing support to the President in giving leadership and guidance to the Student body, the VP of Student Affairs will actively seek out, receive and bring any concerns to the Senate, the Administration, and Faculty.

Vice-President of Finance:

The VP of Finance manages the Student Senate budget by overseeing and approving club budgets and honorariums.

Vice-President of Communications:

The VP of Communications oversees all of Student Senate’s major correspondence. This includes overseeing The Crown, Yearbook, and Quest publication clubs as well as updating any Senate related items in the regular Timeout emails.

Activities Chair:

Responsible for planning and running Student Senate events, the Activities Chair heads the Activities Committee.

Spiritual Activities and Services Committee Chair:

The SASC Chair is responsible for organizing and running any spiritual events at Redeemer such as Hotspot. SASC is also responsible for providing leadership and encouragement in regards to the spiritual wellness of the student body.

Clubs Coordinator:

The Clubs Coordinator works to promote Student Clubs and to ensure that they are in compliance with their constitutions and Student Senate’s Policy.