Student Senate FAQs

Purpose of Student Senate

What does Student Senate do?

The Student Senate represents the student body. With this in mind, the Student Senate seeks to ensure that all members of the University community remain responsive to student needs and interests. The Student Senate also seeks to stimulate school spirit and participation within the student body by facilitating student events, and supporting student run clubs such as Rooted Worship, Worship Nights, Coffeehouse, Common Ground and more. Senate also works to ensure that any student concerns are heard and appropriate action is taken. Furthermore, projects providing students with extra resources such as the Bike Library.

Why is it important to have a Student Senate?

The Student Senate provides a passageway between the administration and the students of Redeemer. Overall, Student Senate is important for the building of community through clubs and events and it is important for the protection and growth of that community through its representation of student concerns. 

What is the purpose of the Senate Office?

The Student Senate office is open to provide a place in which students can come to with any questions or concerns they might have. Each senator spends a few hours a week in the office, ensuring there is always someone in the office to hear these students. The office is also here for club leaders if they need any forms for reimbursement or funding, or if students have fees to pay for clubs or events. Student Senators also use the office for completing their Student Senate related projects.

What are the different roles within Student Senate?

Student Senate’s roles are outlined on our Senate website.

What committees are a part of Student Senate? How can I be a part of one?

There are 3 committees that are a part of Student Senate. The Student Affairs Committee discusses (potential) student issues and problems at Redeemer in order to effectively address them and take action. Secondly, the Activities Committee is responsible for planning events such as Harvest Hoedown, Redeemer’s Got Talent and Coffee Houses throughout the year. Lastly, the Spiritual Events Committee (SEC) runs spiritual events aside from chapel and Rooted Worship, including worship nights, Burn and Faculty Testimony Night. If you are interested in joining any of these committees, send an email to the committee chair, whose contact information is on our Senate website!

Any immediate questions?

Email the President who oversees Redeemer’s Student Senate, pres.senate@redeemer.ca


Main Contact: Adelia Cacoilo, Clubs Coordinator | clubs.senate@redeemer.ca

Who can I talk to about starting a club?

Email the Clubs Coordinator at clubs.senate@redeemer.ca. There are four general criteria for a club: To provide a unique opportunity to students, form a community with students, promote a growth of character for the individuals in the club, and to reach out to the larger community of Hamilton. Once you have sent your club proposal and explained how it meets these criteria, Marshall will contact you with further details.

What different clubs are at Redeemer?

Different clubs can be found on our clubs page, along with club leader contact information.

Where can I find out about Senate run events around campus?

For events run by clubs or Senate, the first place to check is the Student Senate group on the Redeemer App. There is also an events page on our Senate website. We also send out student body wide emails once a month keeping students updated as to what we are doing. There are often posters around the school for each event, so keep an eye out for those!

How does Student Senate decide club funding?

Club leaders pitch a budget to Student Senate. Senate will consider the club size, how many students it reaches, as well as the cost of the supplies or services that the club will need. After all things are considered, Senate will determine an appropriate amount for clubs to receive! Additional funds can be requested, and a decision will be made based on the legitimacy of the request. 

Student/Learning Resources 

Main Contact: Learning Resources (in the main office)

What is the CELC Office? What resources do they provide?

CELC Contact: celc@redeemer.ca

CELC is the Centre for Experiential Learning and Careers. CELC provides opportunities for co-op, internships and works on connecting Redeemer students and alumni to employers in their field. CELC also provides tools for resume building. 

How do I book a tutor?

You can book a tutor through this link, and more information about tutoring at Redeemer can be found on the Redeemer App, under student services and learning services. 

What are the counselling services at Redeemer? How can I access these resources?

Redeemer offers many types of counselling, which are as follows:

Pastoral Counselling: Have one-time conversations on any matter with our chaplain

Personal Counselling: Through the Counselling Assistance Plan for Students, there is no-cost counselling available from a qualified, Master’s degree level Christian Counsellor. Students may choose whether to meet on-campus or at the office of the counsellor. CAPS is an anonymous, confidential, professional service offered through the Shalem Network.

Vocational Counselling: Guidance with questions about vocation, life future, career testing, choosing a major, etc. Through Redeemer’s Centre for Experiential Learning and Careers.

Personal Respect Advisors: Employees of Redeemer who are available for contact in cases of suspected discrimination and/or harassment. Their information is posted around the academic building.

For all other health and mental health services, check out this page on the Redeemer App.

General Resources

What are the different Redeemer websites?

Redeemer App: This is the main hub for all Redeemer information. Here you can check out different groups, be notified of upcoming events fill out forms, and find lots of up-to-date information. Explore!

Self Service: Self Service can be used to pay fees, manage and reload your OneCard, view final grades, and view financial information for on campus employment.

Discovery: On Discovery, you can find all the information for each class that you are taking. Professors will often post the syllabus, lectures, assignments, grades, zoom links, and many other useful resources here.

What makes a student eligible for financial aid?

Incoming first-entry students are automatically considered for entrance scholarships at admission and are renewable each year. Redeemer Bursaries are awards that are based on financial need. Each award may have different criteria for eligibility. Find out more about these on the scholarship and bursary website

How can I book the soccer dome, squash court, or the rec centre?

For inquiries on how to book the dome, contact the Athletic Centre desk at 905-648-2139 x4275 or by emailing athletics@redeemer.ca. Follow this link to book the squash courts. To book the rec centre, email recreational@redeemer.ca

What churches are in the Redeemer area? How can I get a ride to church? 

There is a list of local churches found on Redeemer’s Website. Many churches offer rides to Redeemer students, and information can be found on the church website, or by reaching out to the church!

Food Services

Main Contact: Doreen Gringhuis dgringhuis@redeemer.ca 

How is pricing for food at the market determined?

Since Redeemer is a small school, it’s more expensive to stock the market because not everything is bought in bulk. Redeemer actually makes no money on the food that is sold from the market, or meals offered at communal. Thus, the prices in the market accurately reflect the costs that Redeemer pays to stock the market.

Do you have a question that wasn’t answered here?

Student Senate would like to hear your concerns, questions or suggestions regarding any aspect of Student Life at Redeemer. Please consider filling out this form HERE to get in contact with us. 

Hours of Operation: Main Office, Senate Office, Book Store, and Library

Main Office

8:30 am – 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday

Contact: 905-648-2131 jhaanstra@redeemer.ca  

Senate Office

9 am – 4 pm, Monday to Friday, with the exception of 11 am to 12 pm on Wednesdays.

Contact: 905-648-2131 ext. 4269 senate@redeemer.ca 

Book Store

9 am – 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday

Contact: 905-648-9418 books@redeemer.ca 


Monday to Thursday: 8am – 11pm, Friday: 8am – 6pm, Saturday: 12 noon – 5pm

Contact: 905-648-2139 ext. 4266 library@redeemer.ca 


Main Contact: IT help desk helpdesk@redeemer.ca