Student Senators

Meet the team

Meekilla Bekoullom

Activities Chair

Lead and coordinate all events planned by the Activities Committee.

Kennan Benjamins


Overseeing the Student Senate, working to ensure that the students are properly represented and cared for.

Brandon Dieleman

Clubs Coordinatoor

Guides and Supports Student Clubs.

Jeremiah Macadam

Spiritual Activities and Services Committee Chair

Facilitate discipleship and worship oriented events such as Hotspot etc.

Kenton Slaa

Vice President of Communications

Ensure that all Student Senate news and events are made known to the Student body.

Erica Van Hoffen

Vice President of Finance

Creating and overseeing the Student Senate budget, dealing with all Senate finances.

Samuel Vandeputte

Vice President of Student Affairs

Seeking-out, receiving, and bringing student concerns to the Student Senate as well as working with the Senate and student body in order to remedy any issues.