Student Senators

Meet the team

Kennan Benjamins

Vice President of Student Affairs

Seeking-out, receiving, and bringing student concerns to the Student Senate as well as working with the Senate and student body in order to remedy any issues.

Sean Clark

Vice President of Communications

Oversees the Communication and Information branch of Student Senate which includes handing all major Senate correspondence through The Crown and Timeout.

Erica Costin

Vice President of Finance

Supervises and manages all of the Student Senate financial books and affairs as well as creating and managing the Senate budget.

Jerram Germain

Clubs Coordinator

Contact and Resource person for all clubs, with the task of providing leadership for club leaders and ensuring the continuity of their clubs.

Greg Loerts


Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of the Student Senate. Oversees all activities planned and run by Student Senate.

Blessing Oluloto

Spiritual Activities and Services Committee Chair

Organize and run spiritual events such as Hotspot etc.

Katrina Palmer

Activities Chair

Lead and coordinate all events planned by Activities Committee.

Kenton Slaa

Assistant Vice President of Communications

Assists the Vice President of Communications to ensure that all Student Senate news and events are made known to the Student body.

Erica Van Hoffen

Assistant Vice President of Finance

Assist the VP of Finance in creating and overseeing the Student Senate budget.

Samuel Vandeputte

Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs

Assist the VP of Student Affairs in bringing student concern, criticisms and questions to the Student Senate.