Rumour Has It: New Building Edition

The many reasons for the hefty price tags on the new residence

Over the past few months, Redeemer students have seen the new residence emerging from what was once a giant hole in the ground. Students have also seen the price tags associated with this new building– with costs around $1,000 monthly to live in a squeaky clean unit. While it might be nice to live in a building that isn’t full of cracks, broken kitchen equipment, and creaking floors, students have been wondering exactly what this new building is going to offer in order to make the increase in fees worth it… and the rumours are extremely exciting.

First of all, rumour has it that part of these new fees will be going towards maid services in the new building. Perfect for people who do not know how to live away from their mothers, this new feature will allow for maids to clean your room, common area, and kitchen three times a week. For an additional fee, the maids will also be available to do your personal laundry once a week! This addition is a step in the right direction for any Redeemer students who have complained about their dorms looking like a frat house. Why clean when you can upgrade your residence to one that includes someone to clean for you?

Many Redeemer students over the years have requested the addition of a pool to the campus facilities. This thought (which has seemed more like a dream at times), is now going to be brought to life! One of the secrets of the new building, which you probably will not see Redeemer advertise, is the hidden full size pool in the basement. Exclusive to the students who pay to live in the new building, part of the high residence fees go toward gaining access to this private pool. If that was not tempting enough, the pool area also includes two jacuzzis and a sauna. There is going to be no better way for the residents of the new building to relax after a long day of classes than to jump into a jacuzzi filled with jets. Off limits to the general public of Redeemer, this private oasis is guaranteed to make the extra couple hundred dollars seem entirely worth it. 

The new rooms themselves look stunning, clean, well designed and free of any musty smells and leftover stains. These new units also have a couple of hidden features which may not be obvious to the Redeemer public. One of these features includes private laundry rooms for each unit. Gone are the days of having to wait hours for a free washing machine, and the days of being annoyed because someone impatiently emptied your washer when the load was done will cease to exist! Now, from the comfort of your own unit, you will be able to do your laundry at a leisurely pace. Another surprise feature of the units is the surround speaker system and flat screen TVs. Perfect for a movie night with your friends, Redeemer has gone to the trouble of ensuring that every unit is equipped with a state-of-the-art surround sound system, as well as 50 inch televisions. The last surprise addition to the units are the lights, which are activated by clapping your hands. This is perfect for students who hate moving, as all the lights in the unit will be able to be turned on and off by simply clapping your hands. The kitchen, common area, and bedrooms will all be equipped with these modern lights to save Redeemer students the trouble of walking ten feet to turn a light on and off.

The students who live in the new building will also be treated to special additions to food options at Redeemer. Some of the extra cost for this new building will be going towards the option of room service. This addition is perfect for people who have no idea how to turn the oven on or often find themselves setting things on fire, as they will have the option to choose room service for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Paid for by money on your OneCard, this new room service option enables students to order their meal and have someone else deliver it to them. The new units also have the option for Market orders to be delivered right to the door. Using the new building’s shopping system, residents are able to order their groceries from the Market and have them delivered by a certain time. 

Another option being granted to the new building’s residents is the choice on whether or not to bring pets to campus. Since the new building already has a maid service, cleaning up after pets will not be so difficult. Students who wish to bring their furry friends to campus will now have that option! 

Since walking to class in the middle of winter has been a bit of a pain in recent years, Redeemer has opted to install underground tunnels between the new building and the original academic building, ensuring that residents never have to walk outside in bad weather again. These underground tunnels will connect the new building to several entrance points in the original academic building: with entrances at the auditorium, quad, and offices. 

The final rumour going around about the new building involves Redeemer’s response to students requesting more lounge and common areas. One of the specific things requested in terms of lounge areas in a recent survey done by the school was a bowling alley… and Redeemer has delivered. A full games room is the final addition to the new residence building, complete with two ten pin bowling lanes, two new ping pong tables, an air hockey table, and several flat screen TVs equipped with various gaming consoles. 

After reading about these new perks, it is no surprise that the new residence has slightly higher price tags than the standard dorms. But for maid service, pools, surprise unit upgrades, a bowling alley, and food delivery, is paying a few hundred more dollars such a big ask? The benefits of living with these upgrades certainly seems to outweigh the extra costs. This new residence is the greatest gift to Redeemer students since the tuition drop, and paying around $1,000 a month to live the dream sounds like a bargain!